Oak Antique Bed WK164

Oak Antique Bed WK164


Oak Bed. Circa 1920.


An exceptional oak bedstead with original panels dating as far back as the Eighteenth Century, with later alterations in the early Twentieth century. The panels may well have been from an oak four poster bed, with tall posts. In the early part of the last century the bed has been widened and lengthened, and possibly reduced in height. The elaborate history makes this a very interesting piece.

This bed accepts a British king size or American queen size, 5ft wide (60 inches or 150cm) base and mattress set. It can also accept a wider set over the runners

The base, mattress, bedding and bed linen are not included in the price but can be supplied by Seventh Heaven.

H: 66″ W: 66″ L: 85″