Morpheus Dustmite Barrier

Morpheus Dustmite Barrier



By Brinkhaus
Helps prevent the build up of dust mites by completely encasing the mattress or pillow.



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The Morpheus has been developed using the highest specifications to produce a pure high quality cotton ultra-close weave fabric. This weave is so tight that the density is smaller than the body size of the household dust mite and prevents it from coming through the fabric. By covering the mattress and the pillow, the two areas where the dust mite proliferates, migration to other parts of the bedding is substantially reduced.

The barrier can be washed at 95ºC, which controls the build up of dust.

We supply the Morpheus mattress dust mite barrier in a depth of 28cm (11 inches), which is suitable for all our mattresses.

The pillow protectors are supplied as pairs.

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Single (90x190cm), Double (135x190cm), King Size (150x200cm), Super King (180x200cm), Standard Pillow (Pair), Extra-Wide Pillow (Pair)