Mattress Guide and Information

These days there is a bewildering choice of mattresses available. With terms such as Open Coil, Tufting and Side Stitching choosing a mattress can be a confusing experience.

In this guide we have described some of the many terms and techniques which you may not be familiar with. It is designed to help you to understand how mattresses are made and hopefully to appreciate the quality of products we have on offer.


Open Coil Mattresses
An open coil mattress contains a lattice work of individual helical springs. The gauge of the springs along with the amount of coils within the spring determine the supportive feel of the spring unit. The springs are then joined together by helical wires lengthways and width ways to create a linked structure.
The advantages of an open coil mattress is its ability to evenly distribute the weight across the mattress and its rigid construction allows the mattress to be sat on, for example in a day bed situation, where we recommend the Victoria.
Open coil mattresses are extremely popular and durable mattresses and are a more affordable option for many. They are not only suitable for the master bed but are ideal for spare bedrooms and children. An increasingly popular use of open coil mattresses is in mobile homes, caravans or boats, where they are a versatile option. We can supply open coil mattresses in any shape or size.

Pocket Sprung Mattresses
A pocket spring construction consists of individually pocketed springs contained within calico pockets. The springs are barrel shaped, which ensures their full recovery after compression. The pockets are nested together by hand and sewn together at the centre of the spring. This means the springs are allowed to compress and expand independently from each other. A rigid bar at the edge of the sprung unit ensures the mattress retains its shape and rigidity.
The advantages of a pocket sprung mattress are two fold. Firstly, because the pockets nestle so closely together, pocket sprung mattresses often contain over double the amount of springs compared to an open coil. Secondly, roll together is minimised as each pocket responds independently to the weight and position of your body, so you and your partner can enjoy a sound sleep.
Pocket sprung mattresses are the most popular form of mattress for the master bedroom in this country. With the high density of springs the support is more than adequate and, with the inclusion of comfort layers, a luxurious comfort feel is achieved.

Hand Side Stitching
A traditional method of physically stitching the borders of a mattress to the spring unit and comfort layers within. This is a highly skilled technique, which can only be performed effectively by hand by using long upholstery needles and natural high tensile twine.
The finished product is a beautifully tailored mattress, which has a full sleeping platform right to the edge and a firm supportive border.
As mattresses contain more fillings they require more stitching and the mattresses in our range can have two, three or even four rows of hand side stitching.

Hand Tufting

This is the process which secures all the fillings and the spring unit together through the depth of the mattress. Long tufting needles are driven through the mattress, inserting cotton or twine bobbins, which are then hand secured either side with cotton or wool tufts.
Tufting is by far the most effective method of ensuring the spring units and comfort layers remain in position and is necessary to prolong the longevity of the mattress. All Seventh Heaven supplied mattresses are tufted.

Hand Teasing
This labour intensive process is the age-old craft of separating the fibres of the natural fillings used in the layers of the mattress. It is necessary to tease the fibres carefully by hand in order to achieve an even layer of soft upholstery.

Comfort Layers
It is the combination of the spring unit and the comfort layers which provide the overall comfort feel of the mattress. The unique feel of every mattress is due to different specifications and numbers of each.
All Seventh Heaven mattresses contain top quality upholstery fillings including curled hair, cashmere, lambswool, cotton felt, latex and memory foam.

Memory Foam (Visco Elastic)
This revolutionary material was first developed by NASA for the space program. It is designed to respond to temperature and is therefore sensitive to body heat. The photographs show how the body moulds into the memory foam, which is then supported evenly throughout it weight. The memory foam then returns to normal shape once the body is removed.
This supportive material has proven effective for the treatment of back disorders and other complaints.
Memory foam mattresses offer a warmer sleep than normal pocket sprung or open coil mattresses.