History and Renovation of Wooden Beds

The majority of our antique wooden beds were made between the Late-Nineteenth and mid-Twentieth Centuries, although we do occasionally find something earlier. In Chirk Mill we have on display a mixture of pieces from the UK and from the Continent and indeed our search for these beds takes us far and wide.

Once back in our workshops in Wales we firstly ensure that there is no woodworm in the bed. If necessary we treat with a process guaranteed to eradicate all live woodworm, so you rest assured if there are any old holes in the bed they simply are a mark of its age. Our craftsmen skilfully make any repairs, re-carve missing pieces and ensure the bed is structurally sound. We clean, re-stain, burnish and French polish where required to bring back the finish of the bed, whilst taking care not to lose the patina of the antique.

Special attention is taken with the structure in order that the bed can take the modern mattresses and bases. In most cases the wooden side runners have to be replaced with our metal structure. This may be because they are damaged or warped, or more usually because they are too short and will not allow the standard sizes of modern mattresses to be used. Divine Dreams specialise in converting antique wooden beds so they accept the British king size (5ft wide).