Wooden Bed Sizes

Old wooden tape measureWe source antique wooden beds both from the UK and the Continent. Consequently the dimensions of the beds can be in Imperial (feet and inches) or Metric (metres and centimetres). In most cases we adapt the Continental beds to accept standard British mattresses and bases, but in cases where adaption is impossible or where it is preferable to keep the bed as original as possible, we can provide Metric sized mattresses and bases.

It is often the case that the original side runners are damaged, warped or too short so we adapt most beds with our metal structure. This ensures that the beds are sturdy and can accept the modern British size mattress and base.

The pictures below give examples of different standard sizes of wooden beds. Of course antique beds often do not conform to standard dimensions and so we provide all shapes and sizes of bases and mattresses to suit.

  • Single Sizes Single Sizes Antique wooden beds come in the single widths of 3ft (90cm), 3ft 3in (100cm) and 3ft 6in (105cm). They usually accept 6ft 3in long (190cm) bases and mattresses, but often we can extend the structure to accept 6ft 6in (200cm). This may be preferable for matching pairs of singles.
  • Double Sizes Double Sizes The standard double size is 4ft 6in wide by 6frt 3in long (135cm x 190cm). This is an extremely common size for original antique beds. We also occasionally have small double beds, 4ft wide (120cm).
  • King Size King Size The British King Size is 5ft wide by 6ft 6in long (150cm by 200cm). Very often antique wooden beds originate from the Continent, in which case we often replace the side runners with our metal structure to both lengthen the bed and provide a method for the wider mattress and base. This can result in a slight overlap on the sides.
  • Extra Wide & Super King Extra Wide & Super King It is very rare to find extra-wide genuine antique beds, but we do occasionally find them up to Super King Size 6ft wide (180cm). They are more common in the Extra-Wide sizes of 5ft 3in (160cm) and 5ft 6in (168cm).