Zig Zag Pastels Cushion



A hand-made patchwork cushion.

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A hand-made patchwork cushion with small patches of pastels.

Fair Trade
These traditional patchworks have been hand quilted by women living in the countryside of India. They are literally made from home-spun fabrics, which are woven by family owned looms within their own dwellings. The yarn used is 100% natural cotton, sourced locally. Thousands of tiny intricate patches of fabric are hand-guided, machine stitched and painstakingly hand quilted. With some of these quilts having over 10,000 patches they can take more than a month to make and from the income generated the women are able to send their children to school and take care of their families.

Additional information

Dimensions 46 x 46 cm

46cm x 46cm

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