Victorian Maplewood Bedstead – WK99


Maplewood kingsize bed, circa 1890.

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Magnificent Victorian Maplewood bedstead with upholstered head panel and turned posts in the foot end. A superb light Maplewood Scottish half tester bedstead with moire effect panels and turned posts. The tall back panel has an upholstered back board and the inside of the foot has also been upholstered and covered in a cream damask.

The bed dimensions are:
Absolute width: 60 in (153 cm).
Absolute length: 84 in (214 cm).
Width of base and mattress: 5 ft (150 cm).
Length of base and mattress: 75 in (190 cm) – This can be lengthened.
Height of mattress from floor in photograph: 29 in (74 cm).
Height of foot panel: 41 in (104 cm).
Height of head panel: 80 in (203 cm).

The original runners on this bed are short but can be lengthened to accept a 6ft 6in (or longer) base and mattress.

The price is for the bed frame alone. The base, mattress, bedding and linen are extra.


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