History and Renovation


Antique Metal Beds

  • Bedstead Factory, Circa 1880 Bedstead Factory, Circa 1880 Most of our antique brass and iron beds were originally manufactured during the late Nineteenth Century. They were mainly produced in the factories of the West Midlands and Birmingham area, when the UK was still the workshop of the world.
  • Extract from Original Catalogue Extract from Original Catalogue At the end of the Nineteenth Century these beds were so common that they could be found in almost every home in the UK. In addition there was a thriving export market across the globe.
  • Beds in Original Condition Beds in Original Condition We always have a selection of bedsteads in as much of their original condition as possible. If customers prefer we can supply these beds with little restoration or with the repairs and renovation hidden so that as much of the authenticity of the bed is retained.
  • Colourful Histories Colourful Histories However, most of our finds do require substantial attention in order for them to be functional. Many of these beds have a colourful history, often having been neglected for many years and sometimes being used to fill gaps in farmers’ hedges.
  • Renovation and Adaption Renovation and Adaption Most of the metal beds are firstly shot blast to remove all the remaining old paint and any rust. In our workshops the bed is then repaired and if necessary adapted and extended to the modern wider sizes of king size (5ft wide), and super king size (6ft wide).
  • Brass Repairs and Repolishing Brass Repairs and Repolishing At Divine Dreams we have the ability to re-forge missing castings and replace damaged brass. The brass work is repaired where possible, replaced if damaged and machine polished to give it a high sheen.
  • The Finishing Touches The Finishing Touches The bed is painted either in a powder coat finish or one of our hand paint effects. Finally the bed is re-assembled and the brass work hand polished. There are also other brass finishes possible including aging, painting and nickel plating.
  • The End Result The End Result Once fully assembled with base and mattress, and dressed with bedding, linen and covers these beds once again come to life. A hundred years ago these beds were originally built to last, and with love and care they will last for generations to come.


 Antique Wooden Beds

  • Original Antique Beds Original Antique Beds The majority of our antique wooden beds were made between the Late-Nineteenth and mid-Twentieth Centuries, although we do occasionally find earlier pieces. We occasionally find original designs in catalogues but very often the beds were uniquely commissioned items of furniture.
  • Sourcing The Beds Sourcing The Beds We source the best wooden beds across the UK, from sale rooms and auction houses. We also find some very interesting beds from the Continent. These are all brought to our workshops on the Welsh border for renovation.
  • Repairing and Replacing Repairing and Replacing Our craftsmen expertly repair and restore the antique bedstead. Where necessary we can replace damaged or missing parts. Special attention is placed on ensuring the bed is structurally sound and able to support modern bases and mattresses.
  • Waxing and Polishing Waxing and Polishing Finally the bed is finished using the traditional techniques using stains, shellac and wax. We are very careful to not over renovate these beautiful pieces of furniture so they retain the patina of a hundred years.
  • The Finished Bed The Finished Bed Once finished the bed looks stunning fully dressed and assembled in our showrooms. With a a modern top quality mattress and base the bed is now ready to grace a home with its unique style and history.