Bed Base FAQs


  1. Why have a bed base rather than just slats?

    Bed bases are far better for mattresses than just slats across the runners. Good quality mattresses require an even support across the entire bed and some mattresses will distort over time if they lay on slats. Having a good quality bed base will help to protect the life of the mattress and some mattress suppliers will not honour their guarantees or warranties if the mattress has not been given the correct support provided by an upholstered bed base.

    The other major advantage of a bed base is the choice of depth. Slats provide a very low sleeping platform, which may not be suitable for the aesthetics of the bed and may not be beneficial for your sleep. Having the correct depth of bed base will ensure the mattress is at the right height for you to sleep comfortably and also correct for the overall look of the bed.

  2. Would you recommend a firm bed base or a sprung bed base?

    It really depends on the comfort feel you want to achieve. A firm base will give solid support for the mattress, which then provides all the comfort feel. Whereas a sprung base adds to the comfort by providing a surface with more give. Most good quality mattresses can sit on either and it is really a matter of personal preference which is best for you. Please contact us and we will happily guide you.

  3. Does the depth of bed base change the comfort feel?

    No. The depth of bed base has no bearing on the comfort feel. A firm bed base having a depth of 3 inches will have have the support as one with a depth of 8 inches. Likewise, a sprung base measuring 4 inches deep will feel the same as one measuring 10 inches deep. Varying the depth simply varies the total height to the top of the mattress.

  4. How will I get a new bed base up my stairs?

    All bed bases wider than a single fold in half for easy access and we find most wide bases (double, king size and super king) will go up most staircases. However if access is extremely tight they can be made in two totally separate halves and it is also possible to make these separate halves fold in two if necessary. We have always found a solution for our customers. We also can provide antique bedsteads designed to go up difficult staircases and mattresses can always be made in two halves. Please enquire.

  5. What is the difference between a bed base and a divan base?

    Bed bases sit on the bedstead frame to support the mattress, whereas divan bases sit on the floor (with castors or legs). Bed bases are really the shallow equivalent of divans, specially designed to sit on the bedstead frame.

  6. How are bed bases fixed to the bedstead?

    Bed bases aren’t actually fixed to the bedstead. Small plastic blocks are fixed to the underside of the base in the four corners to prevent slipping from side to side. Please see our Assembly Instruction page for further details.

  7. Can I buy a cover for my base?

    Yes, Divine Dreams supply bed base covers suitable for all bases in cream or white. Please see our Bed Base Covers from our Seventh Heaven linen pages.

  8. Are the bases suitable for Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts?

    Yes our range of bed bases have passed the fire regulations for commercial establishments. Please enquire.